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Ask around and you’ll find that most people prefer to drink from glass bottles than cans, so why is it that we still see cans for sale so much more?


The simple answer is that they’re lightweight, easy to store and stack well, so we generally put up with it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have all the convenience of cans whilst still enjoying the experience of drinking from a bottle…?

Introducing CanCap®

Take it on the move

CanCap is light, durable and portable, making it perfect for everyday on-the-go use.

Easy to use

Just clip it on and you're ready to go. CanCap attaches to to all standard cans, so you can always enjoy.


Cap up the top to save your drink for later, as well as helping to prevent any annoying spillages.

Suitable for any occasion

Take it with you anywhere from road trips to festivals. Enjoy your drink the way that suits you.

The Perfect Small Gift

Looking for something unique? CanCap is a perfect gift for the person who is hard to buy for.

Hygienic & Easy to Clean

CanCap is completely dishwasher safe so you can always drink from a clean surface that you trust.

Join the movement

Share your #CanCap experiences for your chance to win prizes!

What They Say

I bought a CanCap with the intention of putting it in on my cans of beer as I always find it tastes much better from the bottle. I never anticipated I would be using my CanCap to drink all drinks from cans now, they're easy to wash and can be stored anywhere ready for quick use! CanCap has really changed how I like to drink, 10/10 will recommend.


I bought a CanCap as a novelty gift for a bit of fun, but when I started using it I fell in love with how useful it is! I always preferred drinking from a bottle and my CanCap makes it so easy to enjoy a drink from a bottle on the go without the need for a bottle opener.

Matt, Saffron Walden

CanCap is a fantastic innovation which is fantastic for me to take out anywhere! When travelling on long car journeys I used to always have the issue of my drink spilling from the can but thanks to my CanCap this isn't a problem anymore. It's easy to use and easy to clean, I would recommend to anyone.

Shannon, Saffron Walden

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