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What They Say

I bought a CanCap with the intention of putting it in on my cans of beer as I always find it tastes much better from the bottle. I never anticipated I would be using my CanCap to drink all drinks from cans now, they're easy to wash and can be stored anywhere ready for quick use! CanCap has really changed how I like to drink, 10/10 will recommend.


I bought a CanCap as a novelty gift for a bit of fun, but when I started using it I fell in love with how useful it is! I always preferred drinking from a bottle and my CanCap makes it so easy to enjoy a drink from a bottle on the go without the need for a bottle opener.

Matt, Saffron Walden

CanCap is a fantastic innovation which is fantastic for me to take out anywhere! When travelling on long car journeys I used to always have the issue of my drink spilling from the can but thanks to my CanCap this isn't a problem anymore. It's easy to use and easy to clean, I would recommend to anyone.

Shannon, Saffron Walden

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