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Advertise your business


Take your branding out on the road by using CanCap as a memorable giveaway or enjoying it yourself.

Sell alongside your products

Perfect for displaying alongside your selection, the CanCap is great to sell with your other products – particularly when selling cans of drink!

Perfect for events

Everyone is forced to compromise when getting drinks at events, be they open cups, flimsy plastic bottles, or cans that can’t be sealed. Why not give your customers something they’ll enjoy by adding CanCap to your offer?

Local Businesses

Looking for ways to make your new local business stand out? CanCap not only offers your customers a refreshing new experience, but is also a great way to advertise your brand.


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    What They Say

    I bought a CanCap with the intention of putting it in on my cans of beer as I always find it tastes much better from the bottle. I never anticipated I would be using my CanCap to drink all drinks from cans now, they're easy to wash and can be stored anywhere ready for quick use! CanCap has really changed how I like to drink, 10/10 will recommend.


    I bought a CanCap as a novelty gift for a bit of fun, but when I started using it I fell in love with how useful it is! I always preferred drinking from a bottle and my CanCap makes it so easy to enjoy a drink from a bottle on the go without the need for a bottle opener.

    Matt, Saffron Walden

    CanCap is a fantastic innovation which is fantastic for me to take out anywhere! When travelling on long car journeys I used to always have the issue of my drink spilling from the can but thanks to my CanCap this isn't a problem anymore. It's easy to use and easy to clean, I would recommend to anyone.

    Shannon, Saffron Walden

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